Mini-guide to Write Your Child’s Personalised Adventure: The Questionnaire Walkthrough

You purchased the storybook and are now ready to write your story! Look no further, we've got you!

We understand the joy and excitement in crafting the perfect adventure for your child. Our questionnaire is designed to help you shape a unique storybook for your little star, and this simple guide will walk you through it, explaining each step and providing the logic behind it and useful tips along the way.

1. Who's our story's superstar?

First, tell us who's going to be the hero of our adventure. Is it Charlie or  Amelia? This could be your child, a niece, a nephew, or any young one you want to surprise with a unique storybook adventure.

2. Our superstar's age?

The age of your child helps us to fine-tune the story’s complexity, ensuring it's developmentally appropriate and engaging.

3. How would you describe the child's personality and interests?

This question is the key to personalisation. If your child is a budding artist who loves animals, we might create a world where they paint the colours of the creatures in a mystical zoo. If they're a fan of superheroes, perhaps they get superpowers to save their city from an invasion of mischievous aliens. The more specific you can be here, the more your child will connect with the story.

4. Can you describe one special physical characteristic about our hero?

From freckles scattered like constellations to curly hair that bounces with every step, any distinctive physical trait you mention will be reflected in the story's illustrations, ensuring your child sees themselves in the character.

5. Who are the important people or pets in our superstar's life who might join this adventure?

This question brings the supporting characters into the fold. Maybe their big brother becomes a trusty sidekick, or their pet hamster morphs into a chatty, wise guide. Incorporating familiar faces will make the adventure even more exciting and meaningful to your child.

6. In what exciting setting should our adventure unfold?

The backdrop of your child’s story can be a real location or a fantastic realm. A tale set in their hometown or favourite holiday spot can boost their sense of identity and belonging. Alternatively, an imaginary world can stimulate their creativity and introduce them to diverse experiences. The choice entirely depends on what you think would resonate with your child the most.

7. What's an inspiring message or lesson you'd like the story to share?

From the importance of kindness to the value of perseverance, the core message of your story is the golden thread that binds the adventure. This allows you to impart values and lessons subtly, promoting moral and emotional development.

8. What are essential elements that need to be included in the story (i.e., toys, games, sounds, etc.)?

Does your child have a stuffed bear they take everywhere, or a lullaby they love? Including these elements will make the story feel extra personal and authentic, thus increasing their engagement and enjoyment.

9. Anything else we should know?

Any extra information you provide helps us fine-tune the story to your child's world. If they just started school or have a new sibling, we can weave these elements into the story to help them navigate these changes in a fun, supportive way.

We hope this guide makes filling out our questionnaire a breeze, ensuring you co-author a magical story that your child will treasure forever. Happy storytelling!

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